Custom Cabinetry

Excellent Craftsmanship yet Surprisingly Affordable Custom Cabinetry & Kitchen Design

Custom Cabinets Starting at $180* per linear foot

Not sure where to begin? Visit our Blog that will help you though the process of  How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Material


  • Marvelous Works installs and configures custom kitchen cabinets to create an exquisit look and they are usually equipped with a number of storage variations for an efficient living space.
  • Kitchen Custom Cabinets are usually designed by an architect, interior designer or end user they are made to order and to fit specific projects and needs.
  • All of our Custom Made Cabinets and most Semi-Custom Cabinets are made in America and consequently they help fuel the local economy.
  • We have a number of different custom cabinets and types to fit every budget.
  • Product Paint and Stain is also available.
  • Granite Countertop Fabrication and Installation is available upon request.




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