How to find the Perfect Kitchen Contractor in Houston

How to Find The Perfect Kitchen Contractor in Houston

So you’re at that point where you are ready for a change in your kitchen but you need the Perfect Kitchen Contractor in Houston.

We’ve been there, old cabinets, dull countertops and stained backsplash and you venture into the world of new trends, endless bids, thousands of options and most importantly, HUGE investments!

You’re busy enough with life, family, work.. last thing you want is the hassle of dealing with yet another time-consuming project with a Kitchen Contractor

I understand that and I’m here to help. Use my 10 minute guide as a helpful resource to avoid expensive mistakes and find the Best Kitchen Contractor in Houston.

How to Find The Perfect Kitchen Contractor
How to Find The Perfect Kitchen Contractor

Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen in Houston

According to it is estimated that the typical cost of a Kitchen Remodel ranges between $13,164 and $37,028 but don’t let that discurage you, it can be done for much better. has gathered this data from mainly 3 sources, mainly based on project costs reported by 7,845 members.

There are some great resoruces online to estimate the cost of a Kitchen Remodeling project but at the end of the day, that is all they are, estimates.

You want something concrete, cut down to the chase and let a professional handle everything for you, completely hassle-free.

I highly recommend you reach out to me and my team to get a better idea on cost. For most projects we can provide a a very accurate estimate with a simple phone call and pictures/video and of course, no high pressure sales.

Kitchen Remodel Services

The main services involved in a Kitchen Remodel include New Cabinets or Cabinet Painting, Cabinet Refacing (new doors and drawer faces), New Soft-Close Cabinet Hardware

Wall Painting, New Quartz Countertops or Granite Countertops, New Sink, New Hardwood Flooring or Tile Flooring and New Backsplash.

Make sure your contractor has vast experience in what you’re trying to accomplish.

Kitchen Contractor in Houston
Kitchen Contractor

Kitchen Design in Houston

Most contractors do not have an interior designer on staff but some of us have existing relationships with interior designers in the Houston Area and are always looking to expand our network (pst drop me a line if you are one) in an effort to help our clients achieve complete satisfaction in their new project.

Check out these awesome resources:

Dream Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Design in Houston
A Beautiful Kitchen Design in Houston

Communication with your Contractor

In this digital age there are a lot of tools available for customer relationship management and company management.

Make sure your contractor uses one to give you constant and automated updates of the stages of your project.

Keep in mind you will work with your contractor for the next few weeks if not months, constant updates and communication of where the project is and what to expect is very important.

Most of these new softwares provide these capabilities, ask about them.


Kitchen Project Management

A Project Manager is a person who has been assigned to your job and their sole responsability should be to ensure a smooth transition along the way. Ask your contractor if you will have a project manager assigned to you. Keep in mind, you hold the power as the customer.

Here’s another interesting resource by Adriana Girdler – it’s a very complete explination of what you can expect in your project:

Adriana is trully awesome!

Make sure you follow her on Insta:

How to save with Kitchen Remodel

Much of the work done by a Kitchen Contractor in Houston can be done by you (or the hubby lol) depending on your time and skills.

When a client has a tighter budget, there are a few ways to reduce expenses withough cutting corners.

Demolition is a good way of saving the contractor’s time and resources, many of our clients decide to do their own demo.

This saves time and your bill will reflect that plus your hubby will love it, Just ask “woudn’t you enjoy destroying a kitchen, hon?” lol

Cabinet Refacing is an excellent way of saving thousands of dollars versus having to purchase new cabinets or having your contractor custom make new cabinets.

Ask if your contractor can help you select from the vast variety of stylish doors and drawer faces available.

Make sure you understand all the differences between Cabinet Resurfacing, Cabinet Refacing, Stock Cabinets and Custom Made Cabinets.

Ask about special offers when shopping for fixtures, appliances or materials. Many contractors will point you in the right direction to look at all the options available. I will link a few.

Make sure you shop around and go the extra mile looking for the right material that you love AND saves YOU money.

Checkout this awesome video on demolition by Jays Worlddd  on Doesn’t that look FUN!?

You can follow her awesome Insta here:

Also don’t forget to read our post: How to Choose Cabinet Material



Demolition Saves you money

Beware of Home Contractor Scams!

When searching for a Kitchen Contractor in Houston, keep in mind not all contractors are true professionals.

You may find very unprofessional operations with little to no experience dealing with customers much less delivering a quality product.

Houston is a HOT market for contractor scams and incidents soar after storms and hurricanes because that’s when people are most vulnerable.

Beware of contractors claiming to have “too good to be true” pricing, out of town contractors and most importantly, check their trackrecord and registrations with the state.

This is an excellent resource to check company registrations Texas Secretary of State Business Search:

Simply type the Kitchen Contractor name under “Entity Name” and it will provide you with much of the information you may need.

Note sole priopriorties will not appear in the search results.

Thousands of Options when it comes to Kitchen Contractor
Thousands of Options – Don’t get overwhelmed

Avoid paying deposits upfront to your Contractor

This is a tough one, most contractors have specific ways they do business

Some will not even look at your job if you don’t come up with a down payment or deposit.

Communication is always good, try to negociate a way into protecting your money and your peace of mind.

For instance you may be able to negociate different terms to pay for the materials direclty to the distributor and pay labor directly to the contractor as soon as the job is completed.

Maybe you can put that deposit down with a credit card to mitigate the risk. Truth is, you won’t know utill you ask, right?

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