Dream Kitchen Cabinets

When I begin working with a new customer that is interested in a new set of cabinets, I refer to them the following questionnaire that I found in an amazing book in my local library by Jonathan and Sherry Benson – Transforming your Kitchen with Stock Cabinetry

  • What kind of activities will be happening in my kitchen?
    • Cooking meals?
    • Eating In?
    • Baking?
    • Get togethers?
    • Entertaining guests?
    • Office/Computer use?
    • Studying/Homework?
    • Hobbies and crafts?
    • Organizing Family Events?
    • Any other activities beside cooking?
  • What needs to be stored in my kitchen?
    • Fine China?
    • Table Linens?
    • Glassware?
    • Utensils?
    • Cooking supplies?
    • Wine Collection?
    • Cookbooks?
    • Small Appliances?
  • Do I prepare gourmet meals or am I looking for a place to prepare three quick family meals a day and snacks?
  • Do I want a center island or would I prefer to have an open space?
  • Does my kitchen have to be a place to prepare large meals like holiday gatherings, dinner parties, etc on regular basis?
  • Would I want a sitting space in my kitchen? If so, how many seats? Counter high or bar high?
  • How many people will be working in the kitchen at any one time?
  • Do I have a need for a pantry?
  • Do I want my kitchen to be a decorative showplace in the house?
  • Do I shop for food on weekly basis?
  • Are there any special needs for my family members or people who will use the kitchen?

For any homeowner working on a kitchen project the book Transforming your Kitchen with Stock Cabinetry is in my view definitely an asset, the more you learn about your specific project, the more prepared you will be when approaching a contractor or home goods store.

We look forward to work with you in both design and construction of your new dream kitchen. Call us today for a free assessment.

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