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Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

At Marvelous Works we are committed to informing customers where their products come from since we believe the material of your choice will be with you for many years specially our Cherry Wood Cabinets. Our informative approach will help customers make better choices when choosing their materials, colors and styles. In this article we’re going … Read more

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Material

Cabinetry 101 & Material Information When you think of cabinets you might automatically think of wood and that is true for the most part although not all wood is “created” equal, there are substantial differences such as tones, scent, hardness, patterns, elements, toxicity but one of the most important factors is the time; the time it … Read more

BLACK IS BACK — Design by Hardware Resources

  Deeper, darker colors for kitchens will reign supreme this year, says HouseBeautiful. And by deep and dark, they mean black. Jet black. Coal black. Inky black. Why? Black is dramatic. Black is dynamic. Black can be dazzling, too—even when it’s limited to accent features, including countertops, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, or cabinetry hardware. (After … Read more

Dream Kitchen Cabinets

When I begin working with a new customer that is interested in a new set of cabinets, I refer to them the following questionnaire that I found in an amazing book in my local library by Jonathan and Sherry Benson – Transforming your Kitchen with Stock Cabinetry What kind of activities will be happening in my … Read more